Monday, December 08, 2014

Christmas Decorations 2014

The girls and I have had so much fun this year decorating for Christmas! 

This is a tree I made in ceramics class with my Dad back in Jr. High and I love that my girls get to decorate and use it now!

My helpers for our Pinterest project

My Pinterest find and recreation using a tomato cage underneath the garland (all from $1 tree minus the pot I already had)

Peanut was my tree helper this year, since Daddy was working on the basement project on his week off work!

Peanut had the honor of placing on the tree top! She did such a great job helping me insert each tree limb and fluff the different layers to make our tree look nice and full!

Daddy came up to take a break and help us decorate with ornaments!

The stockings are hung by the Chimney with care

I'm LOVING our newly revealed WOOD FLOORS in the Living and Dining room! So blessed to have such beautiful and well taken care of original wood floors underneath our carpet!

Love our annual Advent Wreath Tradition starting four Sunday's before Christmas!

The tree at night, plus our first year here having our outdoor house lights on as well.

I have so much fun decorating our stairway with garland and lights!

The completed living room at night!

These are some of the girls favorite Christmas decorations in their play room & under the tree (Charlie Brown crew, various nativities, their pink Christmas tree, and their fun bins of Christmas books and our Little People Nativity)

The $1 Tree decorations for my wreath and Pinterest tomato cage tree!

Another fun Pinterest find I recreated using my own designs from the $1 tree for our stairway!

Peanut's precious art piece she painted at my dear friend Jenny's Heart and Soul Art Studio (she offers MANY different classes, check out her website HERE to sign up)!

We put it on display in our kitchen to do our daily countdown!

The amazing job my hubby did on our outside blue and white icicle lights! 

Here is a better picture of my two Pinterest inspired projects side-by-side and my creations that I recreated with my own ideas and Peanut's help! She asked to add some beautiful ribbon to the tomato cage topiary tree and I love it!

Our mini tree in the basement with the girls and our family's fun and favorite ornaments

The basement fireplace and mantle are decorated!

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Bean and Peanut's Christmas Ensemble and Peanut's first Piano Recital

Ernie and I are so proud of Peanut's diligence in practicing her Christmas Song for her recital today! She's been spending so much time perfecting it and getting the timing and everything perfectly! She did an amazing job!

Bean also got to join Sis' Student ensemble this afternoon singing "Oh How Lovely Is The Evening" and the girls both did a wonderful job on that.

Santa Clause made an appearance (which our girls know he's not real), but Bean was NOT A FAN of him! You can tell by the expression on her face at the end of this video!

You can see/hear our girls singing and playing on this video I created!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Trim Healthy Mama Update and photo comparison

I've officially been on Trim Healthy Mama (THM) for over an entire year now!  My weight loss has significantly slowed down since February of 2014; which I could let discourage me; but then all I need to do is see a side-by-side comparison of where I was and HOW FAR the Lord has brought me and I praise Him all over again for ANY Progress at all; slow or fast!

Here's a photo comparison of me from 2011, 2012 and last month 2014!

Here's a photo comparison of 2013 and 2014 family photos

Not only have I continued to lose inches; especially around my chest, middle and leg area; but I can see a HUGE difference in my face and neck area! I also see a "healthy" glow on me due to the healthy foods the Lord has taught me to fill my body with!  I have fallen off the band wagon a little bit in the past couple of weeks; but I'm BOUND and DETERMINED to jump back in 100% this coming week and get on track before the holidays hit full force!  If you've been wanting to learn more about how to eat healthy, and fill your body with the right types of food check out Trim Healthy Mama (THM) and ask me any questions you might have! I Praise GOD Daily for how far He has brought me and this is a LIFESTYLE for me; so there's NO going back to 2011!!!!!  Please continue to pray with and for me as I seek to continue honoring and glorifying the Lord with my food, exercise and day-to-day choices that I put into and do with my temple for the Lord!  Thank you to each and every one of you who continues to pray for me, encourage me on this day-to-day journey and direct me to Christ first and foremost! My ultimate goal is to bring HIM GLORY in all of this! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sweet Sisters

I love doing side-by-side comparison of the girls at the same age; but doing it in the same clothing is even more fun for Ernie and I! Here are both of the girls at age three in the same exact outfit! They have such different looks and personalities; it's such a blessing to watch each of their character and personalities develop! We are so blessed to have each of them make up a very special part of our family! 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Dressing Up

Peanut had her school halloween party and parade today! Ernie had the privelege of being off of work so we both were able to enjoy helping out at her party today!  She dressed up as Rapunzel - a Bride!

We tried something new for Halloween this year due to some family illness!  Instead of going to a Harvest Party; we went out to dinner as a family and then the girls came home and dressed up and we hid candy around the house for them to enjoy a candy scavenger hunt together! It was SO MUCH FUN!!! After they hunted for their candy daddy hid, we watched Flicka and had popcorn together! It was a fun time and we built some very fond memories together!

The girls artwork they colored while waiting for dinner!



Peanut dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and had the scarecrow and Toto in her basket! Bean was a Peacock, but didn't want to wear her tail feathers, LOL!


These are photos of some of the many fun places Daddy hid the candy throughout the house for the girls! They had a BLAST running around together and filling up their pumpkins with candy! Peanut would find a lot and then show Bean where to look and they'd find some and give them to one another too! We had so much fun watching them enjoy this together!

Here are the girls showing you all the fun candy they hunted for together and found!

We ended the fun day with watching Flicka from the library and some popcorn together as a family!

Peanut's artwork made in school art class (7 yrs)

Bean's artwork made at Kids Club (3 yrs)